Endings and New Beginnings: From SEO-Texter to CEO!

Today was my last day as a regular employee. I had a great time @ Hug Verlag Kilchberg and I will miss it. For 4 Months, I brought your story to life as a SEO-Texter, Blogger and Content Creator. I had a party texting for the JUNIOR-Partyshop.

For me, work always used to be something you have to do to put food on the table. Something you like but do not enjoy. The team of Hug Verlag in Kilchberg taught me how wrong I was. You helped me to find my #buzz again!

Thank you everyone for this wonderful experience. Though my time with you is ending, going forward would not have been possible without you. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for the appreciation and love you shared with me and for the small joys like common breakfasts in the morning. No morning grouches!

I was with you during autumn and winter and it rained a lot. Inside the old frame house in Kilchberg though, where this traditional publisher is located, there was always someone smiling. They made my day every day. Never ever have I encountered such a high-spirited, motivated team as you are. Working with you was a gift!

Sad but grateful to have met you, I move forward from being your SEO-Texter to be my own CEO! And as it happens, also my own SEO-Texter:-) (Since I do all my onpage SEM myself:-))

As one great chapter in the story of my life closes, another one opens. If my life was a book, I’d probably name it: “It was an ACCIDENT!”

I’m the first well planned, highly anticipated lovechild of two extraordinary parents that is rather prone to mild accidents and mishaps. I have the scars on my body, the small scratches on my car and a tower of keyboards with water damage to prove it. In honor of my unbelievably supportive parents, wordwright is the extraordinary and more or less well-planned lovechild of a rather accident prone single parent. Unlike my parents I don’t plan to have another. May all those keyboards rest in pieces and not be joined by any other in the family tomb that is the electro-junkyard!

I am #buzz-ing with excitement for this new challenge in my life that is wordwright. Like any child, I have to feed wordwright a lot, with content as food and clothing but I sure do hope that after feeding, it will generate a lot of work and it will be very active:-)

May wordwright be the child that stands out in kindergarten as I was but be able to stand on its own two feet much sooner than I was!

May wordwright be a source of pride for me and everyone I share my #buzz with!

May wordwright live long and prosper!

This is the dawn of a new, magical age!


Your Wordwright

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